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Update Your Voter Registration Information

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Update Your Ohio Voting Address

Update Online

Update Manually

To update your Ohio voting address using the online system, you must supply all of the following information:

  • Ohio driver’s license or state identification number
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your Social Security number

If you do not have any portion of the required information, click here to update your voting address using our paper form. Once you complete this form, you must sign and send it to your county board of elections.

Note: You cannot use the “update online” function to change your name. In order to change your name use the “Click to Download Form” link below and submit it to your local board of elections

Click to Continue Online

Click to Download Form

You must update your voter registration no later than 30 days prior to an election. Upcoming voter registration deadlines:
     July 5, 2016 for the August 2, 2016 Special Election.
     October 11, 2016 for the November 8, 2016 General.

If you update your address after the deadline, the change will apply for the next election.

Moved On? Voter Registration Cancellation

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